If You’ve Tried And Have Not Won,

Never Stop For Crying;

All’s That’s Great And Good Is Done

Just By Patient Trying.

Though Young Birds,

In Flying, Fall,

Still Their Wings Grow Stronger;

And The Next Time ,

They Can Keep Up A Little Longer

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Your fate is not in your hands

It is like a thread on a loom

How it is used is not up to you

And yet soon it will be cut

It was never your story

- spoopysunrise☀#4960

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Teachers are the best

They are the ones who taught you math

They are the ones who taught me to write

They are the ones who got me the interest of math

Without them we all would be nothing

We should be the ones grateful to them

And we are the ones who should remember them when ever we do something they taught us.

Poem by Ojas Bhatnagar

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