please don't pollute the river

rivers are awesome

they make the flowers blossom

they are so wide

and they serve the wild

main source of energy is water which comes from rivers

they don't make you shiver

water conservation is necessary

else it will be time for you to worry

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my summer holidays had started,

we were going to Goa that was darted,

It was such a silly summer

it was not a bummer

we ate many delicious dishes

but we are non vegetarians

so many fishes

It was such a silly summer

it saw penguins sliding on there blubber

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My father is the best

he also takes my test

he is sometimes strict

but he takes good pics

he helps me to ski

and acts like a lifesaver for me

he drinks tea and plays with me

he sometimes scolds

but stops me from being cold

he helps me code

and does not drive on the wrong road

east or west my father is the best

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