Almighty space

you are as big as a ace

you are so big

we need a telescope to see

you are a mystery

you have dark matter

but not everything is dark.

By Ojas Bhatnagar

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Oh vampire bats

Are you real

Or are you just my imagination?

If you are real

I am not a sheep or a cow

I am not a cattle's bleed

Stay in north and south America

And Russia

Don't come to India.

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Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Once I used to be a diver

but now I have retired

because once I was diving in the ocean

I got stung by a jellyfish

but I remembered learning that urine is a good remedy for jellyfish stings

so I peed down legs

atleast I felt better

but I couldn't stop peeing

and my costume was wet

and my oxygen was low

and there was a group of jellyfishes surrounding me

but I ran and finally survived

that was the story of my last dive

By Ojas Bhatnagar

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