Buying Skins and Refunding Them!

All these sweaty skins show up in the shop literally every time after I make a random purchase. And I used to be pretty disappointed with that until I found out about the Power of Refunds! But, that not all. There's a down side. Duh. You can only refund three times! First Impression: Hey, no worries, I'll be careful with them! Reality: Oh ma, this skin is so bad. Refund Time! Man, I don't even like this skin. Refund Time! Yeesh, this is even worse. Refund Time. Believe it or not, I used up all my refunds in under a week! And the day after, when I am out of refunds, Star Wars skins come back! I mean, I am a total Star Wars fan. That's what happened. My real life catastrophe. Kind of. All that happens and I eventually end up with Hugo. The Hugo skin. Eww. First, I had Power Chord! I refunded that skin for Raven, and then I ended up refunding Raven for some other random thing. And then I used my last refund to get Hugo. What a terrible mistake. Somehow Fortnite is bringing back all the LTMs. Which is big news. They hardly bring back those mods.

I'm also playing a lot of creative these days. Zone wars, 1V1 and all that. Anyways, please tell your friends about this blog, that will be greatly appreciated. Happy Reading!

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