Flare Guns!

So, now we have flare guns. You can set forest fires using them. I was playing squads when my teammate first found it, he went wild. Boom and boom, he fired it all around, and believe me, you can damage your own teammates with that thing. Aren't flare guns supposed to be used to call for help? Well in fortnite, flare guns force you to call for help. I mean, two damage every second? That's just like being stuck in the storm, but a storm of fire! Anyways, let's review the gun a little more. I haven't used it but I guess it uses rocket ammo. The thing looks like a mini RPG. We won that match, I threw like five firefly jars into the enemy's base. They burned, and the then we danced. Also, water levels have really gone down, Specially at Steamy Stacks. I was like"Let's just jump from this high, we will land in water" and then when we jumped, all my teammates died. OOF.

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