I launched myself to death!

Kit. Meowscles son. He carries that shock-wave launcher and that the trashy new charge shotgun. Somehow, everyone loves that place. So when I play season 3 for the first time, I land right over Kit's head. You can guess what happened next. He charges his shotgun at me, and boom. Kit blows me in a shot. Like father like son. Next match, I land on a building, and get myself a gun, a charge shotgun. This was the first time I touched that shotgun. There were these new type of henchmen everywhere, I charge my shotgun and boom, I knock one of those folks out. But the shotgun reloads too slow, I pickaxed some of the henchmen and find what I have missed a lot, P90. The best gun in the whole of fortnite! With that gun, even a loser like me is OP. Now, what I had come for, the shock-wave launcher. Attack on Kit. He standing there, like a cute little cat. But when he see's me, Full blown attack. Then I take my shot with the P90. drdrdrdrdrdrd(This is firing sound) and he's dead. Now most of you would have picked up the shotgun, but I didn't. I took the almighty launcher. My first impression was, I know how to use this, and reality is, I launch myself backward instead of forward. And I keep going backward, and more and more. I come to a stop right before tipping over the edge. And then, I move a bit and fall into the pit. Hundred damage and I am dead. So, that's how I launched myself to death.

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