Side-Effects Of Corona

Updated: Jul 4, 2020


I know Corona is bad,

and it is making everyone sad.

All countries are in lockdown,

nobody is on the roads in the town.

So-called Superpowers of the world China, U.S., and Europe,

have tried their best, but slowly are losing their hope.

But look! Something nice is happening,

the thing that we all were dreaming.

It is time to be with your family,

Just enjoy and spend time happily.

Foodies who enjoyed eating food outside,

now are sitting at home and eating veggies and rice.

Ladies who put makeup and walked with a lot of grace,

are now wearing a mask to cover their pretty face.

You see there is also no pollution,

it seems that Corona was the solution.

Don't you also think the world is cleaner,

now when I look back, I think we were too mean.

But, I am sure that there will be a vaccine,

till that time we need to stand together just like a team.

And this beautiful planet called Earth,

will surely have a new birth!

By Asmi Assudani

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