Poem by Pushpa Bhatnagar

Long long ago

When I was a little girl

I was told

If you see a falling star

Make a wish

But be quick

as it vanishes

in a wink.

I was in a fix.

My wishes were so many

They could not be condensed

to fit in a nanosecond.

The falling star would vanish

leaving my unfulfilled wishes.

I will have to wait for another

And it may take years.

So I must always be ready.

The wish should be 

precise and clear

unlike any other.

It came to me in a flash.

Night after night

I looked at the sky.

Finally one night

I saw the falling star.

Make me a Grandmother

I prayed with all my might.

A small prayer

but an encompassing one.

To be a Grandmother

I will have to be a mother.

For that I must marry.

To marry I must find my love 

For that I must study and grow.

The four words

which I quickly whispered

have been heard

by the falling star.

Thank you dear

Now I am a Grandmother.

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