Solid Gold Death

Well, as we all know, fortnite got back Solid Gold. Which if you don't know is a game-mode in which there are only legendary weapons. Cool, right? Nope. Not at all. I'll tell you why. Now imagine you are a total noob playing fortnite. You probably landed on the ground and got some legendary gun you don't even know the name of. You don't know how to use it so you use the power of button mashing. Usually, you would be back in the lobby under a minute, but in solid gold, you have all sorts of crazy over-powered weapons. So even button-mashers are OP. Same thing happened when I was playing duos solid gold. Mashers defeated us. Five times. They also got the compact shotgun in solid gold. That's probably a good thing and also a very bad thing. We all know why we removed the compact shotgun, it's too strong. One hit cracks like, a hundred! That's just too much for a hit. You all may like solid gold, but I say: This is the worst game-mode! Well not exactly, but it's on the top ten list. Anyways, you guys try it, comment and let me know if you like it!

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