Tales of Swisentane

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

The kingdom of Swisentane had a big advantage of archery. They had archers from slingers to royal crossbowmen. The history of archery goes back to the stone age around 20,000 B.C . The people known for using regular bows were the ancient Egyptians. Who adopted archery around 3,000 B.C for hunting and warfare. Philoctetes was a Greek hero and a famous archer who participated in the Trojan War. According to Greek mythology, he was the son of King Poeas of Meliboea. He gained fame after helping Heracles to die by complying with his wish to light the funeral pyre. As a gift, Philoctetes received Heracles' bow and arrows. The people of Swisentane believed that Artemis the goddess of archery had blessed their kingdom and to worship him they built monuments that reflected the light of the moon on a specific day and made an image of a bow. The archers were trained at the royal archer’s academy. Every year a batch of hundred archers were ready to battle. All passing after a year of hard work. Every time a batch passed a new arrived to train. One of the students this year was Tom. He was a tall height guy with chocolate brown hair. It was Tom's dream to become an archer, since a kid he has been practising his aiming. Next year his dream would become true only if he would be able to pass the academy. His mother always told him that being an archer was in his blood since his father and grandfather both had been great archers. Toms first month at the academy didn’t go so well. Tom had already made an enemy with a boy named Bryce, how had failed the academy twice but would keep trying .at the academy all the young archers were given special bows and a suit of an archer. The trainer was about to start with the lesson when suddenly there was a loud noise the trainer told all the young archers to go inside the laboratory. They all ran in except Tom, he asked the trainer what had happened. The trainer told that the neighbouring kingdom had attacked. Then the trainer told tom that the king had ordered all archers to get ready, but from all, he meant the academy too. He told Tom to suit up and the archers should too. They all got ready and ran to the defensive wall where they took their position and started firing. While Tom was firing he noticed that their soldiers main weakness was the cavalry which would sprint and kill soldiers easily he then started firing at the unready cavalry which was a great advantage for the Swisentanes. It was almost midnight when the neighbouring kingdom went back. Tom was hit by an arrow while the war was going on, now he was in great pain, so he just rushed home. The next day when he came to the academy the trainer said the king wanted to meet him. Tom was nervous. When he reached the king's palace the king told him to take a seat. The king told he was proud of the bravery Tom showed during the battle, he offered tom a crossbow plated with gold and a suit of a royal crossbowman. Tom was delighted from the crossbow he promises he would practice and bring victory to the kingdom in the next war. As soon as he reached the academy he started testing his crossbow and wore the suit. He was really proud of himself. The first person he wanted to show this was his mother since she was the one motivated him. Once he ran out of the academy he was shocked to see that there was a huge crowd outside cheering for him. He started to show everybody the crossbow and showed off some moves he had learned. Once he reached home he told his mother everything she was proud but she also feared that her son was too proud of himself and would be distracted from his training. The mother did warn Tom, but he didn’t care. After seeing the crowd which cheered for him it was too late for anyone to stop him. Meanwhile, at the enemy base, their king had been planning to murder every single archer at the academy. His plan was to gamble Tom with money and tell him to murder at the academy. The spies at Swisentane told the king that Tom wasn’t going to the academy and he was very proud of himself. It was true, Tom stopped training and made money by just showing off his moves. The king of the enemy land invited Tom to show his moves at their base, in exchange he would get a bag of gold and a bow of diamonds. The invite mentioned to not get his personal bow. When tom received the invite he was ready to as soon as he saw the words ”bag of gold” not noticing who it was from Tom started getting ready. He wore an expensive bowman tuxedo he got during a show. The invite said the venue was the river bank where a boat will pick him. The king used the boat because it was the only way to cross the border without being noticed. As soon as Tom entered the boat. A person grabbed him and made him smell chloroform. Tom fell on the base of the ship. The kidnappers took him to the enemy land. When he got conscious, he found himself tied up. Tom was in a dark room, he didn’t know what was happening. All he remembered was that he was practising shooting. Suddenly the door opens, Tom acts asleep. The king of the enemy land enters, He says dear Tom. Tricked by the same way we defeated Swisentane. I will let you free if you will kill every single archer at the academy. Tom opens his eyes and shouts never. The king says you have no choice I will kill you. Tom was forced and he finally agreed. The king said he will keep Tom’s locket of diamonds until he kills everyone. The locket was very precious to Tom since it was said that it belonged to Philoctetes. he left this time rowing a boat back. Once he reached the academy he lifted a bow and was about to shoot when somebody says stop. It was not a student, not the trainer. It was his father. Tom was surprised to see his father since everyone had known he had died in a war 20 years ago. Tom drops his bow and hugs his father. He asks his father where had he been all this time. His father tells him that he didn't really die in the war, all that had happened was one of the archers betrayed the other archers and was about to kill every single archer but he found out and fought with him. Finally when his father defeated him. he was too injured so he went to get help, but he ended up into another fight with one of the fighters who had entered the base. His father was kidnapped and thrown into the river. His father lost his right hand when he banged with a rock in the river. Finally, he came out of the river, but where he came out was much far away from Swisentane so he healed himself and lived in the jungle until the locket I wear started to shake. This meant you had given yours. Its magical power helped me reach you. Tom told his dad his locket was with the king. His dad told him to go to the library and find a book on ancient lockets. Tom showed up after a while and he looked worried. He tells his dad that he read in the book that there was a tradition that if an archer surrenders the locket. The kingdom would attack the next day. His father woke up the trainer and told him what was going on. The trainer was in high alert and rang the town bell. Everyone woke up the archers started getting ready. Tom and his father also were getting ready. Just an hour later a giant army of enemy troops was attacking the kingdom. they lifted the drawbridge. The trainer said the drawbridge won't be able to hold the army for long. Tom came up with a plan that they would secretly exit the kingdom and attack from behind, For the time being, the archers would do their best. They agreed to the plan and the archers did their best till when toms father got shot on his chest and fell on the ground. Tom helped his father and removed the arrow Tom was very worried, his father's last words to Tom were ‘wear my locket’. Tom removed the locket and wore it. The symbol on it was were a bow and arrow. Tom vowed to get the victory to this kingdom for his dad. He fought his best. The secret attack worked great. At last, they caught the king and Tom took the locket. Both the lockets connected. After a few days, while Tom was walking to the academy he looked at the ancient monument where he saw a keyhole type of place. The design was the same as his locket. He takes his locket and places it there was a sudden click and a door opened Tom enters. Inside there was a passage that led to a chamber. Tom went inside the chamber. Inside the chamber were painting of Artemis and other warriors. There was also a bow which was covered in diamonds. In some other language it read “the bow of Artemis” Tom took it and felt like it belonged to him. Therefore he took it and went out. He took out the locket and wore it. Tom was happy, but he didn’t know that the next 20 of his life would be the hardest years of his life since it was graduation. The year had passed so fast. Tom had learned something, lost someone, but most importantly become someone.

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