The Betrayers

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Dr James, we have the reports.” said Jack. “Very well, just drop them by my office,” said Dr. Jack was tall and strong. He had once been in the navy, that was until he had lost a limb. On the other hand, James was short with untidy and messy hair. He had been working on a very secretive project which no one knew about…. “Dr., Someone’s here to meet you,” said the nurse. “Send him to my office”. “How did you know his gender?” asked the nurse. ”I… just guessed.”. The man was tall and was wearing a huge coat covering most of his body. The only part that was visible was his short and brown hair. He walked into the doctor's office. His walking made the table rumble. As he walked in, he shut the door behind him. “So, you were able to escape the virus. Very impressive!” said James. “Well they did capture me, but I was able to escape”. “How much do you want for the virus?” asked James. “1 million would do”. “Are you mad.I will only offer you 10 thousand!”. “Ten thousand for billions of lives? That’s too cheap”.”Fine then, I can give you 50 thousand, Not more than that.” said James in his European accent. “50 thousand first, then the virus”. James handed the man a huge bundle of dollars. The man then removed his coat and revealed a military outfit and a six-pack. He carefully opened a zip and handed James a small bottle filled with a purple liquid. The doctor then examined the liquid in detail.”Well, this is Darth 27. Made by the secret lab in Antarctica, one drop and the person goes wild and eventually dies”. Bang said a gun and there went the body of Dr James. The man had just shot Dr James. He took out a walkie talkie and said ”Mission report, the doctor has been killed, Please send in Alpha Team. I will need help in killing the staff”. A few minutes later a fully armed team of commandos smashed in breaking the wall. “We are ready, sir”. “Very well then, Can I see which gun you are using” It was an autoloading compact SMG. He examined it and then suddenly fired towards the commandos. “What are you doing!” said a commando as he leapt to take cover. “Winning,” said the man. He then took the virus from the dead body’s hands. He took out a grenade and wiped out everyone in the lab. He had in this time escaped with the virus. His name was Dwayne. He was a military commander and a survivor of war. He took one of the jeeps and ran off towards the jungle. He was heading for the Dranstroom. A five-star hotel. Once he entered the lobby, he was greeted by the receptionist. “Greeting Mr Bart Stone. We were waiting for your arrival! ”. He was travelling under a fake name. Even his passport was forged. He had booked a suite on the top floor, which was the 59th floor. He had a clear view of the city. This was the tallest tower in the whole of the city. He then opened a bag which had a semi-auto sniper in it. He first locked the door and put the curtains. Then he wore a black coat which camouflaged with the balcony. He went into the balcony and aimed at the star plus hotel balcony, there was a man standing there, he was wearing a black suit and had set brown hair. The man was drinking a cup of coffee. The man’s name was Frank. He was the highest general in the special forces. He was also the person who was working on killing Dr James. Frank knew Dwayne and he was currently trying to locate Dwayne and retrieve the virus. Dwayne took aim, and then, when we were about to press the trigger, someone broke through the door and grabbed Dwayne by the neck. “Hello, betrayer! ”. Dwayne looked back to see who it was. It was the infamous Scar. The secret weapon of the armed forces. The best commando. Scar kicked Dwayne on the back but nothing happened. Then, Dwayne gave Scar a thud on the leg with his sniper. When he was about to fire on Scar, 3 troops broke in and started firing bullets. One of the bullets hit Dwayne in the eye and that's when Dwayne threw Darth 27 out the balcony. “NO!” shouted Scar and scratched on the eye of Dwayne with a knife. This was Scar’s signature move, the `Scar”. The test tube the virus was in, shattered on top of an old man walking down the streets. The man died as the glass went into his head. The virus had now been released. It did nothing at first but then, a few hours later you get a bad stomach ache, so bad that you lose control over yourself. About 10 people had already been infected. Frank had seen all this. He had dropped the coffee mug and now was calling into the HQ. “Code red. The virus has been released. I repeat, code red. The virus has been released”. In a few minutes, time Scar had already started getting ready for war. He knew the effect of the virus and how fast it spreads. Scar had to get to a lab where he could construct an antidote. But that would take years, constructing an antidote for something you have never examined? It was certainly impossible. That left the special forces no choice but to kill anyone with the virus. The first victim had already lost control. His name was Larry. He was walking home when the bottle of Darth 27 had fallen. He felt a little stomach ache. Then the stomach ache increased, he had started to cry for help. As he tried to walk his eyes started to bleed and then there was no Larry inside him, only Darth 27. Slowly more than ten people were infected and the virus spread fast, very fast. The virus was built as a bioweapon, to wipe out an entire nation easily. The maker of the virus was unknown. All they knew was that his lab was in Antarctica. Scar then jumped from the roof and deployed his glider, he was flying in midair. He was trained for this. With all this panic, Frank had come up with an Idea. To locate the creator of the virus and ask him for an antidote. He informed Scar about it and then chose two more of his loyal commandos. The other two commandos were twins, they called themselves the grenade twins. They were all immediately sent to Antarctica using the Eagle. The Eagle was the best military aircraft in terms of strength. It has a booster engine with an autoloading turret. The Eagle took them to Antarctica. The journey was long, they spent most of the time preparing a plan and suiting up. The weather outside was less than zero degrees. They were carrying bulletproof jackets and skis. The only way to locate the lab was the RAW machine. RAW stands for radioactive waves detector. This machine would sense radio waves and use the in-built GPS to track them down. The grenade twins started to ready the RAW detector when suddenly they heard gun fires.”Take cover, quick!” said Scar. The grenade twins leapt behind the rock and took out their own assault rifles. They were auto-loading and not very heavy. Scar who was using a piece of metal for a shield, tried to protect the RAW machine. He was unarmed when one bullet ripped through his jacket. “Aah” shouted Scar as blood dripped out of his chest. He was in great pain. The twins leapt out and ran to help Scar. One of the twins lifted a rock and used it for cover. They all ran into the Eagle. One of the twins helped Scar and bandaged him while the other used the turret for protection. In a few minutes, they were able to see a group of people charging towards them. “Ready the turret,” said Scar. “We don't have any bullets left,” shouted the Twins. Scar had a plan B. “Ready the engine. Point it towards them”. The Twins had no idea what Scar was talking about but they did what he said. Scar was wise. He knew what he was doing. “Take a runup on my command” shouted Scar. The mob came closer.”Now!!!” the Eagle charged towards the mob who screamed as their bodies banged on the eagle and broke into pieces. There was blood all over the place. The wipers wiped the blood. They must have killed a good fifteen people in the incident.”We had no option” said Scar who was now staring at the body of a young teen. Who had sent these people? Why were they firing at them?There was only one way to find out. RAW.

Meanwhile at HQ

“There are a hundred more cases now. It’s spreading rapidly. Two hundred more cases. It just keeps on going!” said Frank and he sat in a sad and dull room. It was the president's office.”Kill everyone who has the virus. Until we don’t have an antidote, we have no option. Kill them” shouted a man in a dark coat. Frank walked out with a sad face. “Kill them,'' says the president. Ready an army of thousands. I don’t care how much it costs. Train them with the best equipment. Tell them to kill them all.” said Frank on his phone.

The RAW had detected a signal it was coming from two kilometres south. They all started the eagle and armed themselves. They were about to land when a missile hit the jet. “Jump!” shouts Scar as the plane falls apart. The twins deploy their glider in time and land on the roof of the lab. They see a door right beside a huge and healthy-looking Guard. The guard was seriously armed to the teeth. The only way to enter now would have been breaking in by cracking the ceiling. They took out a laser which slowly cut through a circle. They removed the circle when they heard a voice behind them. They looked back, no one was there. They looked down and saw a scientist screaming ”Intruders”. Scar jumped down and scratched the scientist’s eye. The man fell on the ground. Thankfully, no one heard anything. They quickly searched through every document in there. After some time, they found a briefcase saying ‘Darth 27’. They grabbed the case and ran for the door. Only they did not realise there was the guard right there. As they opened the door, a bullet ripped into one of the twin's brains. It was the guard who had fired. The twin lay on the floor bleeding constantly. The other twin whose name was Barry cried and was in a rage. He charged towards the guard and fired a bullet below the belt. Blood dripped out of his jeans. He dropped on the floor as saliva leaked out of his mouth. Barry and Scar made a run for the Eagle. They quickly buckled up and flew away. Bary looked at his brother for the last time…

Once they reached HQ, Frank asked about the other twin and almost passed out because of the bad news. Later on, he opened the briefcase and examined the files. There was a bright yellow capsule filled with some white liquid. There was a file attached to it. The file read:

Darth 27. Antidote

One drop heals. Subject may have the opposite effect. Can lead to death. This bottle is a prototype antidote. Not ready for use.

This was bad. Really bad. If they would have used the antidote it might just have become more dangerous. “Well, that means we will kill every one of them,” says Frank. “There must be a better solution than that!” says Scar worriedly.”I am afraid, we have no option” says Frank. The team was ready. It had more than a thousand troops with compact SMGs and loads of death injections. The virus now had new symptoms. That included a bad headache and nose bleeding. People who were infected were now pretty much zombies spreading Darth 27 like crazy. People would not leave their houses and the world economy was going downhill. “Scar, you will not fight. I’m putting you to rest” said Frank in a dull tone. “What! Why?” shouted Scar in rage. “Well, your performance has shown bad results, you lost a member in the Antarctic mission and you were not able to stop Dwayne from spreading Darth 27. You are the reason for all this!” shouted Frank in his ‘bad cop’ voice. “You think it’s my fault! You're the one who sent me there in the first place ”. Scar left the HQ cursing at Frank. He drove off in his Bentley. Perhaps he was paid a lot for serving the agency. They were a secret government organization which no one knew about. There was one reason why Dwayne could have spread the virus. Dwayne had a little girl. Her name was Katie. She had died at the age of 4 three months ago. Katie had brain cancer which needed urgent treatment. Dwayne didn't have the money and was requesting some from the agency. Frank denied and didn't help. You know the rest. Scar drove off to his inherited mansion. His father was a spy but his grandfather was a millionaire who had more than three houses. One of them went to him. “You’re early from work,” said a voice which sounded familiar. Scar looked to see who it was. Dwayne. Standing right there with a pistol in his hand. “You’re supposed to be dead,” said Scar.”One of your agents was very kind to me. He saved me and even gave me your address.”. “We both have the same enemies, Scar. We both want to kill Frank, don’t we? All you gotta do is give me the nuclear code and I will kill every maniac at that agency.”. Scar took out a piece of paper and wrote some numbers on it. This was the nuclear code.”I will give this to you only if you have a plan for destroying this virus.” “Okay, we will get every one of the infected people to the Arth island along with Frank. I will wait for your signal and launch a nuclear missile right on the island. You can then escape with me on the new jet I bought ”said Dwayne with a grin. “Fine then. Here you go”. Scar handed Dwayne the sheet of paper. It had the numbers 1630 on it. Dwayne left in his Lamborghini. How did he have so much money now? 21st of April, it was the day for carrying out the mission. Scar was dressed up in his military outfit. He armed himself with a pistol and a few grenades. Scar would invite Frank to the island as an apology meanwhile Dwayne and his team of criminals gathered the 3500 infected people on a cruise by giving the shots of alcohol and making them go high. They were after all human! Scar convinced Frank to come and took him to Arth Island. “I love the beach, you know,” said Frank with a grin. Scar now felt he was making a mistake. Dwayne having nuclear codes would mean he could literally destroy any country or satellite he wants. Destroying the satellites would mean unarmed armies and frequent attacks of terrorists. Dwayne would become overpowered and with Frank dead, he would become the boss. All the missiles the agency had ever made were in Dwayne’s hand. “I need to tell you something. But promise not to be mad” said Scar.”I gave Dwayne the nuclear codes and he is gathering the infected to Arth Island and he wants to kill you too. I was mad at you for not letting me fight and decided to kill you along with the infected”.”What’s done is done. Let's look at what we can do. I can call in the team and they could fight against Dwayne his group” said Frank, still having a grin on his face.”We all make mistakes Scar, what’s important is we learn from them”

“Okay, so let’s call in the team while I distract Dwyane,” said Scar in an adventurous way. Scar hit the turbo mode button and the yacht went speeding. They reached Arth Island in no time. Scar saw Dwyane and casually walked to him. “Where is Frank?” said Dwyane with a rogue smile.”He’s looking around the island ”said Scar. This was not true at all. Frank was actually calling in an army bigger than a thousand. “Let’s begin,” said Dwyane.”Uhh…. No. First, we need to celebrate, right” said Scar, buying some time for Frank. “I guess a bottle of wine won’t do any harm,” said Frank in a cheerful mood. They both walked into a bar. There were all sorts of drinks there. The disco light brightened the bar’s black walls. They were specially made for the president at once. “You know you are a dumbo, Scar” said Dwyane. “Perhaps your friend Frank can tell you more”. Scar looked back, it was Frank, with a gun. “Oh, dear Scar. You don’t just fall into a trap, it all makes sense now. Right?” said Frank. All the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. Dwyane never died. The people who fought with Scar were bribed. Frank gave Dwyane the address to his house. He saw this coming, he never called in the army. The president never knew about this.”Any last wishes, Scar?” said Frank as he aimed the gun.”No wishes but I forgot to tell you I saw this coming”. A huge crane broke through the walls of the bar, The grenade twin was running it. Scar jumped onto the wrecking ball as Barry threw an SMG to Scar. He swiftly grabbed it and fired towards the betrayers. Bullets ripped through Frank but not Dwyane. He leapt for cover as a huge team of thieves attacked. Scar had planned for this too. He fired a flare into the sky as a whole team of commandos leapt out of water. They were all waiting in a submarine down there! In all this commotion no one thought about the missile which was coming their way. They only realised when they heard a huge bang noise. Once they figured out what the heck was happening, they all panicked badly. Then things got worse. The infected had also started to roam around. Scar and his team quickly entered the submarine. “I’ll leave this island after killing Dwyane, he doesn’t deserve being alive. Neither does Frank” said Scar. He ran in search for Dwyane and found right beside Frank. Dwyane spotted Scar and threw a grenade towards him. Boom. All there was left was the flesh of Dwyane, Scar and Frank. A few minutes later the missile hit the ground. Every one of the infected died, at least that’s the report said.

2 months later…….

“Rest in peace o’ dear Scar. May you find peace in heaven” said Andy. He was Scar’s brother. Favourite brother. He had inherited all his brother left. What he didn't know was that Scar had signed him up for the agency and that there was a secret lair beneath the house filled with the latest technology. A few days later when Andy had just come home from the gym, while going up the escalator he saw a camouflaged button. He pushed it in curiosity and the lift started to shake. Suddenly the door opened. Outside was a huge room filled with blue light. Andy came out. He saw a sticky note taped to the wall. It read

Dear Andy. This is my secret lair. Filled with the latest tech. I hope you have started the training sessions with the agency. I may not return but promise me you will use this and the ten billion dollars for good. And for good only

Yours sincerely


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