The Time-Machine

Time machine

One day there was 2 kings the red king and

The blue king .One day they fought against

Each other .

Between the war pirates attacked

one king said oooooooooooooooooooooooo

The end .In the future one man took his

Time machine to the past then he met the

2 kings .

Then he fought for the blue king

Then the blue king and the red king

They fought against each other .

After the war the man went

With his time machine to the past

Then he saw a dinosaur

He took his gun then

he shot the

Dinosaur the died then his father came .

He killed the father with a death ray gun .

Chapter two

The Past

The person said I will stay for a day .He started moving.

He made a house out of wood.He made a campfire.

He slept.He woke and went to the past.There was


Chapter three

The time of


He saw a thing growing in the time of seconds.

It grew as big as a helicarrier,Burj Khalifa,mountain

Mount Evrest,asteroid bigger than Mount Evrest

Pluoto,America,Russia,Earth,Solar System

Galaxy,universe,dimension,Big Bang.It

Was the Big Bang he went in Earth he

Saw himself killing the dinosaur and

The father dinosaur.He asked himself

What is your name he said my name is Kye

Kye said my name is also Kye.I understand

I am the Future of you.Lets go to

The Present. The future Kye said he should go back in his time, suddenly he got a message from the government the president has got murdered and the murder is not known. Then both of the Kyes went back to the correct time and now everyone knows that Kye has himself of the past.

Chapter four the murder mystery starts

First they investigate footsteps of the murder the footsteps ended at the end of the street then they mark wheels of a plane starting to take off, now they know that the murder has escaped from a plane. They go east to west then north to south around the world, after 3 years of travelling around the globe no sign of the same wheels of the plane they found at the end of the street. Then they travel around the universe then they have found out the plane wasn’t a plane it was a spaceship. The murder is very far ahead of them it was almost to late if they started going in full speed eventually they would catch the murder in 100 hours. The location of the murderer is in the galaxy it’s code number 3hghbdui6768760g6567405g967 it was very tuff to find the galaxy.30 hours later. They noticed that the location of the murderer is in their spaceship that could only mean 2 things or 1 of us is the murderer or the murderer has hacked our system that could not happen because we are around 200 light years away from the murderer, that meant one of us is the murderer. But how all of us have been detected. And the detecting machine was working the last thing we could say was we went in the speed of light and came to the past and in this time the murderer will murder the president in only 5 hours. 4hours 45minutes later. Now the murderer could be here any time said the present Kye. The murderer is the invisible man.

He has been hiding in Dracula’s castle since he is invisible. The invisible man has a secret base under the unknown castle. The unknown castle was made by the gray King if you ever go in the castle you will face the strongest army and biggest army full of different creatures so be carful-The unknown. Now they had to go in the castle they had no choice, suddenly the past Kye got a idea he said if we destroy the castle the invisible man will die and his army. The unknown castle can not be destroyed it is made out of the strongest material in the universe and the thickest ever walls made. Now they researched about the army how big is it. It is as big as 500,00,00,00,00,00,000 dark nights 10,00,00,00,00,00,00 creepers 10,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,000 zombies 50,000,000 giants sauron and the ring matrix thanos and the infinity stones Godzilla locki joker and his army 10,00,00,00 ghasts joker’s villain army and the unknown. And we only have 1,00,00,00,000 soldiers. We only have one option to make a plan to hide and go into the castle without anyone seeing and then arresting the unknown and the invisible man and then tell their army to surrender or we will kill both of them.

Chapter five the mission impossible starts

Our plan is we will send all our soldier from the 2 hidden gates(there are 4 gates each at each direction)the south gate and the north gate we will go from the east gate all of us will meet at the west gate. Next we will destroy their defences and let all of us find the 2 and do what our plan says. Lets start the mission. Few hours later. They had destroyed their defences but more were coming so they had to move fast. Suddenly they found the unknown and the invisible man they started fighting them but the unknown was undefeatable, they had no option but to surrender. No said the past Kye he said we could over smart him but how? We could double cross him thats our plan, They made the flying vehicles go away and come back after a few minutes and destroy them. 50 billion years later. Storys of them were being told every day non stop and came the past kye and came the end of the world the red very very very hot sun gulped up all the planets.

Written by Ojas Bhatnagar

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